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31 Business Forms and Templates to help you run your organizing business with ease!

We have created over 30 organizing business forms, checklists and templates you'll need to run your organizing business efficiently and effectively. No need to re-invent the wheel - you can benefit from our many years of business development. The best part is - all you have to do is download them!

All of our organizing business forms are customizable, so you can add your logo and business information to make them yours. We provide you with both Word and PDF versions of each form, so they will open on any computer.

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“I just want to say Thank You for all of the items I have purchased from you. I use the Sales Script almost daily. I have done several business organizing assessments and proposals by taking some best guesses. Today I prepared to write one using some of your forms and it made it so much easier. It's nice to have a service like yours that is so useful and affordable. I will certainly spread the word whenever I can.” – Audrey, Chicago, IL

“Thanks so much for these. They are fantastic. I really enjoyed our coaching session and am finding these forms invaluable.” – Janet, Phildelphia, PA

"I tried creating my own forms and after hours of frustration, I gave up and bought yours. WOW! The time, money and frustration I saved is invaluable. THANK YOU!" - Michelle, San Francisco, CA

Our Complete Professional Organizer Forms Package includes all 31 our of business forms and templates:

Client Intake Form
This organizing client intake form will guide you through the all-important initial phone consultation. A successful intake will win you more clients!

Organizing Project Assessment Form
Capture all the right information with this Project Assessment Form. Creating an effective plan or proposal will be a snap!

Organizer Supply Checklist
This organizer supply checklist includes a list of all the essentials you’ll need to have handy when you’re out organizing the world.

Client Confidentiality Agreement
Use this client confidentiality agreement to reassure your organizing clients and prove to them that you’ll protect their confidentiality.

Organizing Appointment Confirmation Templates
Confirm your organizing appointments and outline your policies with this ready-to-use organizing appointment confirmation template.

Organizing Service Contract Template
This written organizing service contract outlines your policies, so they are clear to your organizing client before you start working with them.

Photo Release Form
Use this photo release form to make sure you get permission from your client before you post those great before and after photos on your website or on social media. It includes permission to use video, too.

Accounting Spreadsheet
A successful business needs to have a good bookkeeping system. This Accounting Spreadsheet will help you keep track of your money! The Excel accounting spreadsheet includes has tabs to track organizing income, business expenses, bank deposits and mileage. It also includes a list of tax accounting categories for your Schedule C.

An accounting spreadsheet will help you keep your books organized know how your business is doing financially every step of the way.

Operating Agreement for an LLC
Forming an LLC, or limited liability company, can be a very attractive option if you’re looking for a business structure with increased personal protection and less formalities. Keep in mind that they do require some additional paperwork, including, an Operating Agreement. This template will outline everything you need to include in an Operating Agreement. Simply fill in the blanks and you’re in business!

Press Release Template
The more your name appears in the media, the more business you’ll receive. Use this Press Release Template to create an attention-grabbing press release and get your name out there!

Marketing Plan Template

An effective and efficient marketing campaign starts with a good marketing plan. We’ve worked with marketing experts to develop this marketing plan template to help you easily create an effective marketing plan.

Social Media Marketing Guide
Our Social Media Marketing Guide offers general strategies, targeting tips and time management for all of the major social media platforms. This guide will help you streamline your social media marketing for maximum impact.

Sales Script
When a potential client calls or emails you need to be ready with your sales pitch. These Sales Scripts include proven-effective language to win over several types of organizing clients; home, office, chronically disorganized, moving, home staging, hoarders, workshops and more!

Solicitation Script
If you want to grow your organizing business, referrals from other professionals and related companies are a valuable resource. You’ll need to reach out and introduce yourself to them in order to receive these referrals. This Solicitation Script will help you reach out to and make connections with confidence. With this solicitation script, you’ll sound like a pro when introducing yourself to other professionals and companies that can send you business through referrals.

The Solicitation Script includes language for contacting moving companies, estate attorneys and companies, and one for general use. When you sound like a pro, other professionals will be more likely to communicate with you and have the confidence in you to refer their clients to you.

Estate or Yard Sale Organizing Proposal Template
Win estate and yard sale projects with a comprehensive, professional organizing proposal. This Estate and Yard Sale Organizing Proposal Template has been used successfully hundreds of times. Clients will be impressed with this professional proposal.

This template will help you create a professional proposal for an estate or yard sale organizing project. It includes a breakdown of each part of the process, so the client is clear on what is included and what the cost will be.

Home Organizing Proposal Template
Save time and win more home organizing projects with this comprehensive home organizing proposal template. This home organizing proposal template outlines all of the steps involved organizing a home in a professional and organized way. It also includes a room by room list for each room of a home, so you can outline the areas you are planning to organize.

This home organizing proposal template has been used hundreds of times and has been proven successful at winning large home organizing projects.

Move Organizing Proposal Template
Save time and win more home organizing projects with this comprehensive home organizing proposal template. This home organizing proposal template outlines all of the steps involved organizing a home in a professional and organized way. It also includes a room by room list for each room of a home, so you can outline the areas you are planning to organize.

This home organizing proposal template has been used hundreds of times and has been proven successful at winning large home organizing projects.

Office Organizing Proposal Template
Save time and win more office and business organizing projects with this comprehensive office organizing proposal template. This office organizing proposal template outlines all of the steps involved organizing an office and business in a professional and organized way.

As a bonus, we’ve included specific language for different types of office and business organizing projects, including: organizing a plan office (for architects, designers, or developers), office space layout, organizing marketing and advertising materials and organizing a display space or show room.

No matter what type of office you are going to be organizing, you’ll have a project-winning proposal to present.

Paper Retention Guidelines
Reduce paper clutter! Follow these paper retention guidelines to know what paper and records you need to keep and what paper and records you can shred or toss. These guidelines describe, in general terms, the paper and records you should keep for federal tax purposes (personal and business)and for your personal records.

Once you have sorted your paper and determined what you need to keep, you can set up a filing system to keep everything organized. Often an accordion file or small file cabinet is sufficient. At the end of each year, pull out the papers you need to do your taxes and start a new system for the coming year.

Organizing Project Plan Template
The Organizing Project Plan Template will help you outline a plan to manage large organizing projects easily and effectively. This template outlines each phase of a large organizing project. This benefits both you, the organizing project manager and the client. It ensures the each of you know what the project entails to help you make sure you’re on track and on time.

This Organizing Project Plan Template is also helpful if there are others involved in your project, so you can outline their tasks and responsibilities and manage your staff as well as your project.

Organizing Project To-Do List
Manage large organizing projects easily and effectively with this project to-do list. Keep your organizing projects on track and on time.

Administrative Tasks List
Whether you’re hiring an assistant, or just want to make sure you’re keeping up with your office tasks, this Administrative Tasks List will keep you on task. Following a list will help you avoid costly mistakes and make sure important office tasks don’t fall through the cracks. You can also use this administrative tasks list as a cheat sheet to tell you everything you need to be doing to run the business side of your organizing business.

Employment Agreement
It is critical to have a signed employment agreement before your employee begins work. This written employment contract outlines duties, pay and company policies. The employment agreement can be customized with your specifics and given to your new employee to sign.

This is an essential form to have when you are hiring a new employee and can protect you against any legal issues.

Independent Contractor Agreement
This six-page Independent Contractor Agreement covers all of the important legal information you need to ensure proper legal and liability protection for you and your company when hiring independent contractors to help you in your organizing business.

This is a lawyer-approved, legally binding contract that outlines responsibilities, terms, duties, compensation and requirements for an independent contractor. It can be used for any type of independent contractor that you hire.

Job Application Templates
A job application is an important part of the hiring process. It answers a lot of questions up front. We’ve done the work for you with these job application templates to make sure you cover your bases when hiring.

These two job application templates outline the questions you should ask when hiring an organizer or administrative person for your organizing business. You want to make sure you have all the information you need to hire the right candidate. Having your candidate fill out a job application prior to the interview will provide you with specific information that you can discuss during the interview. This is an often overlooked and important part of the hiring process.

Job Interview Questions
During the interview process, it is important to ask the right questions to ensure you hire the best candidate. We’ve created these job interview questions for both organizing and administrative candidates to make sure you get the information you need to make a good hiring decision. Cover all of your bases with these job interview questions specific to the organizing industry.

Non-Disclosure Agreement
This legally-binding Non-Disclosure Agreement will help protect your proprietary information, trade secrets and inventions against theft or use by an employee or contractor. This contract is lawyer-approved and complete with all the information required to protect your proprietary information. Customize it with your business information and have all of your employees and contractors sign it.

Organizer Policies and Procedures
Organizer policies and procedures are a must-have if you have other organizers working for you. This seven-page download covers everything from communication to conduct to payment to dress code. It has all you need to ensure that your organizers are doing everything you want them to do; the way you want them to do it. And, NOT doing the things you don’t want them to do!

We’ve spent 16 years developing, improving and modifying these comprehensive organizer policies and procedures. Before we had them, we incurred a lot of costly trial and error by not having the proper organizer policies and procedures in place. Here you can benefit from our learning experience and save the time, money and frustration we experienced by not having organizer policies and procedures when we first started building our team. It’s so worth it!

Organizing Business Job Descriptions
If you’re looking to hire someone to help you in your organizing business, but are having trouble figuring out just how to describe the job at hand – look no further. We’ve created these comprehensive organizing business job descriptions to outline the responsibilities and requirements for both organizing candidates and administrative candidates for your organizing business.

These organizing business job descriptions carefully outline the responsibilities and requirements of each position. You can customize them for your organizing business needs and post them to employment sites when searching for candidates, or use them to outline the duties for your new employee.

Organizing Company Policies
It is critical to have written policies for your organizing company. This organizing company polices template will help you avoid costly miscommunication issues. Included are a cancellation policy, payment policy, definition of billable time, donation policy, confidentiality policy and a contract policy.

This organizing company policies template will provide your organizing clients with a clear guideline to your company policies. By providing clear policies to your clients, you will avoid the headaches of late payments, last-minute cancellations, etc.

Save time and adopt the organizing company policies we’ve created, or customize them to suit your company’s needs.

Timesheet Template
The IRS requires employers to keep records of all employee time. This Time Sheet Template is a ready-to-use Excel spreadsheet that will help you streamline your payroll process and fulfill your legal and tax requirements as an employer.

This time sheet Template has all the important categories, such as hours worked, rate of pay and reimbursements. You can use this time sheet template for any member of your team. Have them fill it out and email it to you on a regular basis, or even better, use a file sharing program, so they can update it as they go.

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Sarah Buckwalter

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Highly regarded and nationally recognized as an organizing industry expert, Sarah frequently lectures on organizing and business development. She has shared her organizing expertise in print and on dozens of news and television programs. Sarah has appeared several times on the hit television series, “Hoarding: Buried Alive” on TLC.

With a desire to share her experience with fellow organizers, Sarah created Organizing U . Organizing U offers professional organizer training programs, business coaching and an organizing directory.

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